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All our Bedazzled Cupcakes are freshly-baked using top quality ingredients and all our eggs are free range. Our delicious Cupcakes are available in the following varieties:




For coffee lovers of all ages, a golden coffee sponge made with espresso and white chocolate. A dusting of cocoa powder completes the taste sensation.



Chocolate Cherry

Oozing dark, glossy elegance, using the finest morello cherry jam and rich dark chocolate, one is simply not enough!




Wonderfully light buttery sponge, some with a hidden gem of strawberry jam. Iced with a variety of buttercream flavours and sweeties and sprinkles




A rich but light chocolate sponge topped with buttercream icing and decorated with delicious surprises and sprinkles.




Delicious lemon sponge enhanced with lemon curd, using only the finest fresh lemons. Topped with lemon buttercream icing, decorated with a variety of sugar jellies and sprinkles.



May contain nuts and seeds.


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